I totally regret buying my MacBook with the glossy screen option. What can I do?

I totally regret buying my MacBook with the glossy screen option. What can I do?

That’s a tough one. Try a privacy filter to cut the light hitting the screen.


For anyone else shopping for a new Apple ’Book, this is a perfect excuse to drive to the nearest Apple Store or other outlet to get some face time with both glossy and nonglossy screens to see which your eyes prefer. If you do so, make sure to try as many different lighting situations as you can find in the store, ideally with some sunlight so you can avoid this question-asker’s dilemma.




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I have a Macbook and I have to say that 95% of the time the screen is fine. The colors really pop on the macbook and movies look great. As a consumer, I am happy with the Glossy screen. It certainly is not worth having to pony up the extra $$ to get a matte finish on the Pro.

Of course if you are a professional photographer or movie maker or you work in really brightly lit places it could be worth the extra $$ for you. This is a business decision of Apple. Most people like the glossy screen, they said that when introducing the iMac. They are likely basing that on sales when the glossy or matte was an option.

I would never buy anything else.



Clearly glossy and matte screens each have their benefits and some people will definitely prefer one over the other. Yes, the glossy screen provides richer, more intense colors and tones. However, it will also reflect any bright light behind the user.

I believe Apple should make a policy of offering their customers a choice and not force one or another interface upon them. Perhaps one version will cost more, so be it.


Juanmi Moyano

Glossy screen ? No way man.
Si quieres utiizar tu Mac sólo en lugares oscuros , o con luz ténue, perfecto.
Pero si te mueves por cualquier lugar con tu Mac ,tendrás problemas
con la luz artificial , sobre todo.

Saludos from Spain



I have a glossy MacBook Pro

- My photos are amazing
- My eyes are LESS tired
- I have NO problem in using this in direct sunlight

I have had more that 20 laptops in my career. By far and away, this thing is the best.



don't the macbooks only come in shiny? i know it's an option on the pro.
i actually like it alot on my macbook. but for photo work i use my non shiny imac....

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