I want to make one PDF file out of a number of Illustrator 10 files. Can I do that in Preview?

I want to make one PDF file out of a number of Illustrator 10 files. Can I do that in Preview?

Do you want to make a single file with multiple pages from Illustrator or do you want to use PDF as a wrapper for a number of individual files? And don't you just hate those types who answer a question with a question? (Don't answer that.)


Anyway, you can do the latter with Adobe Acrobat 8 (they're called PDF packages).


But for the former, just create individual files and use Acrobat to add pages to the PDF.


Preview is lame, though, when it comes to manipulating PDF files, and Adobe Reader is just that - a reader. You're going to need Acrobat to do what you want, we're afraid.




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George Munson

As a Mac|Life subscriber I am increasingly dismayed that tips, suggestions, and howtos usually always suggest professional applications (Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc) and typically omit any reference to perfectly acceptable free solutions, especially those that come bundled with OS X. In this case Automater does a fine job of combining PDFs. Providing links to Adobe's website from the online article makes me wonder if the advice of Mac|Life writers is biased by financial arrangements between Mac|Life and the vendor. Is this an advertisment disquised as an article?



There are freeware that can do that such as PDFLab or PDFMergeX. You can also use automator. The trick is to move and rename the PDF output because automator will place the output inside temporary folder.



You might also want to try PDFpen (http://www.smileonmymac.com/PDFpen/index.html). It's not as full-featured as Acrobat, but it's much cheaper, and it allows you to do many of the basic PDF manipulations (like combining PDFs) that Acrobat does.



You could save each Illustrator file as a PDF and then use Combine PDFs to combine the multiple PDF files into a single PDF.

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