iCar Talks Stalled, Making Money with the iPhone, Parallels Updated, and More Headlines

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iCar Talks Stalled, Making Money with the iPhone, Parallels Updated, and More Headlines


Parallels has tamed the Leopard: Parallels announced a new version of its virtualization software, Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Premium Edition, which will combine Parallels Desktop and three utilities for Internet security, backing up, and managing disk partitions. The company also released a Leopard-compatible update for the standard edition of the software.

iWant my iCar: Talks between Apple and Volkswagen about the rumored iCar are reportedly on "shaky" ground. But the upside is this line: "Other car manufacturers have had talks with Apple on cooperation." We still hope it's an Audi TT.


Buy iPhone > ? > Profit. "Do you want to make more money? Of course, we all do." Here's an interesting post explaining how one guy has MADE money by buying his iPhone. And no, he didn't just unlock and resell it.


An Apple in the living room, but it's not an Apple TV. Apple Matters is doing a cool series on building a media center with a Power Mac G4. The first installment helps you choose the right G4 for your project.


Just awesome: Pac-Man Christmas tree FTW!!1!




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Audi belongs to VW Group, so choose another car.


Susie Ochs

Which is why we still hope it's Volkswagen so the iCar can be an Audi TT! Or anything besides the Jetta or Beetle, which seemed to be the most popular choices in Speculation Land.

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