New: iList Data 3.5

New: iList Data 3.5

Use iList Data to create a wide variety of data management solutions ranging from simple to do lists to ambitious multimedia catalogs. Gather, browse, and manage your data whether it be student grades, product inventories, research data, or a Web-hosted catalog of holiday snapshots. iList Data is optimized for working with text, number, URL, file path, and image data. The software also supports the date and time fields required for calendaring solutions.


iList Data supports authentic Mac OS X interface elements plus dedicated controls for setting dates, times, colors, and image thumbnails. Browsing databases in iList Data constitutes a true multi window user interface experience, complete with resizable palettes, movable edit dialogs, and multiple interface setups that can be recalled with a single keystroke.


iList Data also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word's data merge tool to create reports, mailing labels, form letters and other data merge documents.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.2 or later, Quicktime 6 or later, 256 MB RAM


To download a demo copy of iList Data 3.5 (MB), click here.




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