iMac Fever, iLife Reality Check, the Mac Mini Lives, and More

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iMac Fever, iLife Reality Check, the Mac Mini Lives, and More

iMacs, iMacs, iMacs: One of the folks over at ArsTechnica just couldn't wait for an iMac review unit - he had to have one yesterday! Check out the unboxing pics. Someone's keeping score in the graphics chip game - and Nvidia's losing. But Mac-loving gamers might find more to love about the new iMacs, which, thanks to the new ATI graphics cards, makes it possible for anyone running Windows Vista via Boot Camp to take advantage of DX10 functions in games like Crysis. Never one to rest on its laurels, OtherWorld Computing has already announced memory upgrade kits for the new iMacs, which can all take up to 4GB of RAM. (All it takes to upgrade memory on the new iMacs is a turn of one screw!)


Apple made it clear at the press event that it and Google are cozying up more and more. Steve Jobs also touted the new iMacs' enviro-friendliness. Here's an interesting take on how Apple's different product lines influence each other. Look closely at the new iMac keyboard and you'll see that the Command key no longer sports an Apple logo. And David Needle of win's the best trick headline award today with this zinger: Why Apple Doesn't Do 'Intel Inside.' He's not saying Apple doesn't put Intel processors in its computers, of course. He's referring to the fact that Intel Mac boxes don't come festooned with stickers and third-party logos such as "Intel Inside."


iLife outside the Apple RDF: (You know RDF stands for reality distortion field, right?) According to CNET writer Tom Krazit, Apple is targeting the Twitter generation. But one blogger isn't buying it: "iPhoto is as much 'Web 2.0' as my dad is the emperor of China." reader Nathan adds: "I use iMovie quite a bit, and this new version, while sporting some great scrubbing techniques, appears to be light on editing functions."


Smallest but not least: The Mac mini is not dead! Apple COO Tim Cook let reporters at Tuesday's press event know that the company had refreshed the mini line at the same time as it had the iMac line...but they just hadn't mentioned it in the fanfare over the new iMacs. Minis now all sport Intel Core 2 Duo processors - which Apple claims brings a 39 percent speed bump over previous models. And starting at $599, they're still a good deal - and new minis come with iLife '08.


In other news: A theory on why Safari is an unsafe development platform. A new robot glove lets the wearer "feel" what the glove is feeling. And, finally, you didn't think you'd get through this whole news roundup without an iPhone news item, did you? I mean, really, did you?




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