iMac Turns 10, iPhone Conquers Earth, and Gadgets for Mom

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iMac Turns 10, iPhone Conquers Earth, and Gadgets for Mom


It's the iMac's 10th birthday! How are you celebrating? Making a Bondi Blue cake? Digging out that terrible puck-shaped mouse for a day of retro clicking? Vowing to never use a 3.5-inch floppy ever, ever again? Or just saying to yourself, "That was 10 years ago? Jeez, I feel old now." What kind of party are you planning to throw for the iMac in your house?


iPhone marches toward world domination: We've been reporting all week on the iPhone's spread to countries far and wide, and now thanks to Mexico-based carrier America Movil, the iPhone is headed south of the border, down Mexico way. And to Latin America, too. But it's still not everywhere yet -- unlocked iPhones are super hot in Israel, and all first-generation models are sold out in the entire United Kingdom.


Leapin' Leopard: Apple is seeding test builds of the next Leopard update, Mac OS 10.5.3, coming soon to a Software Updater near you. And Mac 360 fires back at a delusional blogger who dared suggest that Leopard won't run on older Macs. (How old is your Leopard Mac? Hit up the comments to let us know.)


Macs at work: Don't you wish your work computer was a Mac? You're not alone. Seems that some enterprises that are switching to Macs are doing it because more and more of their employees just like Macs. (Makes sense to us.) Others feel that "Apple's secrecy and large margins may hamper it in the corporate world." But at the end of the day, Apple (and Google) are winning because they provide a good user experience, making it fun to use their products. And shouldn't work be as fun as possible?


Finally: Here are some cool techy gifts for Mother's Day. And some different strategies for dealing with spam. Oh, and Microsoft wants your help with their videos -- I mean, we've seen what happens when they try to make their own. (Shudder.)



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Dan Dorfman

My granddad's imac G4 from 2003 is running leopard without a SINGLE HITCH! no problems whatsoever! hows that for so called "euthanasia"?



on an iBook G4 that is now close to 3-1/2 years old.

And my brother is running it on an iMac that has the half-moon base...G3 I believe...



I can't get one and I live in the US. All this fuss over the fact that its available all over the world, yet how many places in the US still can't even get one? I'd have dropped Verizon like a bad habit for an iPhone if AT&T had any service in my area.



Me too...titanium G4 1 ghz. Had to erase and install but after that....NP!



I run Leopard on a stock G4 Cube, 450 mhz; it installed without a hitch.



I am running leopard on an 867 Mhz 12" PowerBook G4. Pretty sure I got it in like 2003 also.



The ignorance, er, nerve of some people. I'm running Leopard (10.5.2) on a PowerBook G4 (1.25 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HD) that I purchased in Decemeber 2003. It runs great. I wish Windoze hacks would get their facts straight (or just get some facts period) before bashing Apple. Good day, sir!

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