iMage Webcam

iMage Webcam

No iSight? This USB camera rotates and pivots, but lacks a mic and doesn't work with iMovie HD.


The box for the iMage Webcam says it's "Truly Plug & Go," and Pico Instruments' website touts the iMage by explaining that "no device driver is required prior to use." The driver part is true, but the iMage isn't entirely a plug-and-play device. Still, the iMage is a nifty little alternative to the iSight.


Unlike the iSight, the iMage uses USB, which you might prefer if your FireWire 400 ports are all taken and you don't feel like swapping out plugs. But Apple applications that allow webcam use (iMovie HD and iChat, for example) look for a webcam connected via FireWire 400 only. And this is where the iMage's plug-and-play fails - plug it in, launch iChat or iMovie HD, and the software can't use the iMage. To use the iMage with iChat, you need to install the iChatUSBCam plug-in (free, Once the software is installed, the iMage works like a charm and serves up clear video, but it doesn't have a microphone. You need a separate mic for videoconferencing. We weren't able to get the iMage to work with iMovie HD.


The iMage isn't as cool looking as the iSight, but its 2.25-by-1.75-by-1-inch body features a magnetic base that'll hold the camera in place on a metal surface. The camera pivots up and down, and you can rotate it 180 degrees.


The bottom line. Since the iSight is becoming harder to find (it's no longer for sale at Apple's online or retail stores, and newer 'Books and iMacs have the iSight built-in), you'll have to consider alternatives. The iMage is a worthy camera for iChat AV videoconferences, as long as you BYO microphone.


COMPANY: Pico Instruments

PRICE: $59.95
REQUIREMENTS: 600MHz G3 or faster or Intel processor, Mac OS 10.4.3 or later, USB; iChatUSBCam software needed for use with iChat
Small. Uses USB instead of FireWire. Magnetic base holds it steady.
Requires third-party software to use with iChat. Can't use with iMovie HD. No microphone.






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daniel rhodes

i got this web cam off line from a company and it didnt come with nothing but the web cam ok i need help to make it work or do i need software for it



This camera does work with iMovie providing you install the proper recommeneded software:

You can find out more here:

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