Incase Canvas Vertical Sling

Incase Canvas Vertical Sling

Fits a 13-inch MacBook or 15-inch MacBook Pro.


The Canvas Vertical Sling’s mixes urban styling with a militaristic flare without the gaudy camouflage. The faux-fur lined notebook pocket is a safe haven for your MacBook, and there’s still room for a textbook, magazine, and a couple of DVD cases.


There’s one large outside pocket at the back of the bag. There aren’t any side pockets, which would be an ideal place for an iPod so it doesn’t end up possibly getting scratched by other items in the outside pocket. We’ll just put the iPod in a jacket pocket, instead.


After about a month of use, we notice a tiny bit of wear in areas where the bag rubs against you. The wear doesn’t affect the durability of the bag; rather, it gives the bag a weathered look, which you may or may not like.


The bottom line. The Canvas Vertical Sling isn’t too bulky and isn’t too small. It’s just right.




PRICE: $69.95

REQUIREMENTS: Mac notebook up to 15 inches

Nice style. Not overly bulky.

Not many outside easy-access pockets. Canvas shows wear over time.





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