In-Line Remote

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In-Line Remote

Also available in black.



The In-Line Remote has a 40-inch cable, connects to your iPod’s dock connector, and lets you keep your iPod safe and sound in your pocket or bag. The remote provides basic track controls (skipping tracks, fast-forward, rewind, pause/play, and volume) and has a clip so you can attach it to your lapel, bag strap, or sleeve. The remote also has a jack for your headphones; audio through the remote doesn’t seem affected.


However, the In-Line Remote has a couple of serious limitations for a $30 device. There are the aforementioned controls - if you want to access any other settings, you need to use your iPod clickwheel. If you have a favorite iPod case, it may hinder the remote’s dock connector. You need a case that leaves the bottom completely open.


The bottom line. The In-Line Remote is helpful those times you don’t want to take out your iPod - for example, on a subway, where a thief might be on the lookout for your goods. Otherwise, it’s a pricey proposition for the amount of control you get.




PRICE: $29.99

REQUIREMENTS: iPod with dock port

Access to basic iPod track controls without having to take your iPod out.

Pricey. Limited controls. May not fit encased iPods.





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