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Emilio E Tracy ...

I keep seeing pictures of this mouse in beautiful (if not gorgeous) white with black finishes.

And yet, I cannot find it on Evoluent website. Does this particular color combination even exist?



I have been using a previous model for years. I taught graphic design in a Mac lab for ten years, and after a day of using an Apple mouse, my wrist was screaming at me. I couldn't use a flat mouse at home in the evening. Once I got the Evoluent Vertical Mouse there was no more pain.

The handshake position is one reason it doesn't hurt. Another reason, and this is probably what most folks find hard to get used to, is that you don't move the mouse around with your fingers; you move it with your whole arm. This means that all the tendons running through your wrist are relaxed, preventing any tendency to carpal tunnel syndrome.

I have been a calligrapher for over forty years, and know that it is impossible to produce fluid strokes if you write with just your fingers. Truly graceful results only come from using your whole arm to write. This mouse may help to retrain your arm to make finer movements.

My Vertical Mouse is connected via USB. This review doesn't mention how the mouse connects. It looks cordless, but is it Bluetooth or does it have a USB receiver? If the latter, how big is the receiver?


Susie Ochs

It's Bluetooth! I'll put that in the review, sorry.



My last comment about the piece of wood that was supposed to be the answer to missing AppleTV remotes was a little bit harsh... not sure why, but I just couldn't get into it... however,

this review on the other hand made my day, not only I caught myself following the first few instructions on how to position my arm/hand but I really like the way this thing might help me with some arm/wrist pain. Not to mention my constant obsession with trying to have the strangest of electronics. I think I'm gonna buy one!

PS. I can almost guarantee that the looks I will be getting will mimic those of when I first introduced my household to strange "natural" or ergonomic keyboards.


Susie Ochs

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it.

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