Intel's Harpertown in Mac Pros, Apple Fixes European iTunes Prices, CES, iPhone Trojan

Intel's Harpertown in Mac Pros, Apple Fixes European iTunes Prices, CES, iPhone Trojan


Inside Intel’s Harpertown processor: Yesterday, Apple released new Mac Pros and a new Xserve. Both machines use Intel's Xeon 5400 series processors, code-named Harpertown. Learn more about Harpertown and the performance boosts its provides over older Xeons.


Standardized European iTunes prices: Apple announced that it will lower the prices it charges for music on its UK iTunes Store to match the already standardized pricing on iTunes across Europe. As a result of Apple's new policy, the European Commission dropped its complaint against Apple.


Apple influence at CES: The world's biggest technology-related trade show, CES, is going on in Las Vegas. Tons and tons of products are revealed at CES, many of them clearly influenced by Apple.


Internet radio for iPhone: We're interested in checking out FlyTunes, a new music service compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. Reports say FlyTunes will be free.


Apple expands Best Buy presence: Best Buy says it plans to sell Macs at 500 of its 900 stores by the end of February. Nice, but we'll take the Genius Bar over the Geek Squad anytime.


CompUSA turns to Tiger: The CompUSA brand has been bought by TigerDirect. TigerDirect intends to keep the CompUSA brand name, though we're not sure why.


iPhone Trojan: Owners of jailbroken iPhone need to watch out for the 113 prep Trojan. The Trojan was created by an 11-year-old kid, who needs to get off our virtual iPhone lawn immediately.


Apple says no thanks to DRM alliance: The lack of love between Apple and NBC continues. Apple said thanks-but-no-thanks to a NBC Universal-backed anti-copying initiative.



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I agree that the Genius Bar is preferable to the Geek Squad. However, when it's a 20 minute drive to Best Buy and a 2 1/2 hour drive to the nearest Apple store, I'll go with the Geek Squad. I'm glad Apple is expanding it's presence in Best Buy. Not all of us are fortunate to live in a major city with an Apple store. Sure, I can shop online, but it's nice to be able to see and try merchandise before you buy it.



One reason might be that it's too expensive for them to change all the branding (inside and out). There's the cost to redesign everything, not to mention the $$$ in actually getting the new stuff made and installed. Just a thought...



CompUSA has closed all retail locations, so it's not a rebranding cost issue. (Technically they are still open, a least in my town, but all inventory is owned by a liquidator.) They may see value in the brand or the traffic via the site.



It's 'cuz TigerDirect is obsolete and LeopardDirect will be obsolete soon enough.



As I understand, TigerDirect did purchase 16 store locations, and will operate stores there under the CompUSA name.

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