Intel's New Silvethorne, Apple Hires Wal-Mart Chief, Super Bowl Ads Online

Intel's New Silvethorne, Apple Hires Wal-Mart Chief, Super Bowl Ads Online


Intel Silverthorne: Intel will reveal the technical details of the SIlverthorne processor at the ISSCC this week. Silvethorne is a x86 chip designed for small, portable computers. Intel usually takes older processors originally designed for notebooks and adapt them for use in portable devices.


Apple's new iTunes guy: Apple has has hired a former Wal-Mart manager as general manager for international video for iTunes. He's responsible for acquiring movies and TV shows for all non-U.S. countries.


WSJ columnist switches to Mac: A columnist writes about switching to Apple. He unfortuantely includes a parody of Apple's Get a Mac ads. A bad parody.


Yahoo turns to RealNetworks: Yahoo is giving up on the online music business. It's redirecting customers to Rhapsody, the music reseller owned by RealNetworks and MTV.


Tesla's first production car: Tesla, the company that makes electric sports cars, was supposed to get their first production model last Friday. A Mac|Life editor saw a Tesla (we're guessing a pre-production model) on the freeway this morning during rush hour traffic.


Super Bowl ads: In case you missed them, you can watch the 2008 Super Bowl commercials online. Iron Mac FTW!



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How sad is that?

I wonder if ITV will publish the ads shown during the break in Coronation Street.

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