Internal AT&T Memo Outlines iPhone 3G Procedures

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Internal AT&T Memo Outlines iPhone 3G Procedures


AT&T might as well just start posting these on the front doors of their stores. They seem to have a problem with the leaking of memos.


Gizmodo got their hands on an internal AT&T memo that outlines the selling procedures of the iPhone 3G. As earlier reported, all new iPhone 3G's will be activated in-store. Also, the three iPhone limit means if you have four people in your family, it's time for a serious family meeting.


Other exciting facts, AT&T will sell OG iPhone's until their stock is depleted. If you bought an OG iPhone after May 27, you have until August 1, 2008, to exchange it for a free new iPhone 3G -- minus a 10% restocking fee. The return policy has been extending from 14 days to 30 days.


So it's kinda official, July 11 will require a ton of patience on our part.




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After months of negotiating with my family to all switch to ATT and IPhones, we made the plunge, I bought 3 iPhones
(2-8gb & 1 16gb), Happiness and dancing ensued. The announcement that Apple has a faster and less expensive model coming and that ATT will allow those who purchased after May 27th should have saved me from looking for a couch to sleep on and a family willing to take in a stupid man. You see we purchased our iPhones on May 15th....
Out 600 dollars and old iPhones.. I am not real popular at home.

Suicidal in Fort Worth


Kendall Tawes

Just show them the new rate plan and maybe they might like you better. An extra $15 would make it more expensive than all the other Smart Phones available on AT&T. I like new technology but I can't justify spending even more to AT&T when they already have the most expensive text messaging plan.



whaaaaa....what a pack of babies!



So, what if you order and iPhone 3G from the online Apple Store and have it shipped? Will the procedure be the same as the previous iPhone, as it will be activated through iTunes when you get it, or will you have to do your activation process at the time of purchase and your phone will be shipped to you activated?

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