InterOffice Mac Envelope Sleeve

InterOffice Mac Envelope Sleeve

You too can re-create Steve’s keynote stunt with your own Envelope Sleeve.


If buying a MacBook Air didn’t empty your bank account, fear not. The stampede of related accessories is ravenously thundering toward you, ready to gobble up every spare dollar. Sure, that might seem cynical, especially since, as far as add-ons are concerned, a good laptop sleeve is usually considered money well spent.


InterOffice Mac’s Envelope Sleeve lands on the novelty side of the spectrum. It’s a vinyl sleeve in manila-envelope yellow that features a zippered closure, a hand-stitched button and red string detail on the opposite end, and light padding on the inside. The design is cute, but it misses the mark in its big footprint, measuring 14.5 by 11.1 inches. The actual Air is only 12.8 by 8.9 inches, so while it fits inside with room to spare, the sleeve takes up so much space in your laptop bag that you’ll lose much of the benefit of such a svelte computer. The vinyl also gave off that new-plastic smell for a few days—kind of a turn-off.


The bottom line. The Envelope Sleeve is a fun novelty, but if it doesn’t fit in your bag, you won’t be laughing.


COMPANY: InterOffice Mac


PRICE: $29.95


Cute design with hand-stitched buttons. Padded interior. Zip closure.

Fairly large—measure the inside of your bag first.




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