Intuitive Devices BudClipz

Intuitive Devices BudClipz

Just what you need to keep your iPod earbud cords straight - another cord.


Hey, take those iPod earbuds off. Please. You can put them back on in a minute.


Ah ha! You’ve just experienced what really, really, pisses us off about the iPod. It’s that when you need to take off your dang earbuds for a second or two, there’s nowhere to put them. In your pocket? But they’re going right back on! Throw ‘em over your shoulder, like a towel on a varsity jock just out of the shower? Nah, that’s lame. How ‘bout leaving one earbud in your ear while taking the other one off, leaving it dangling like a super-long earring? No, you look stupid. What to do? Argh! It’s so confounding!


OK, seriously, you probably haven’t even given much thought to what you do with your earbuds during those instances when you need to pull them out for a few seconds. We know we haven’t. But there’s someone who does, and for that someone, there’s BudClipz.


BudClipz is a plastic cable you clip on to your iPod earbuds. The cable goes behind your noggin. Then when you take your earbuds out of your ears, they can hang around your neck, like an earbud necklace, only, it’s not a necklace.


You get five different-colored BudClipz in a pack. The cable clips are designed for iPod earbuds, which means that if you ditched your iPod earbuds for other earbuds, the BudClipz clips may not fit. And then you’re back to where we started. Argh!


The bottom line. BudClipz aren’t going to dramatically change the way you use your iPod, but you’ll at least know where the heck you put your earbuds.


COMPANY: Intuitive Devices


PRICE: $9.95

REQUIREMENTS: iPod earbuds.

An earbud leash for when your earbuds aren’t in your ears. Five colors.

Clips may not fit other third-party earbuds.




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