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Seamus! It's always risky doing attack ads, but Apple are famous for their "I'm a Mac / I'm a PC" ads which ran for years.. I guess they were OK with you though?

Lets face it, a glossy, backlit LCD screen totally sucks for reading.

I use both an iPad AND a Kindle, so I'm agnostic with this whole argument. I've tried reading for long periods on the iPad, and I just get eyestrain, even indoors. Backlit LCD screens were not designed for extended reading. During daytime the glare from the glossy screen can get annoying. The Kindle is a dream to read with, and for anyone that does a lot of reading, the price makes it really worthwhile. The iPad is great for all the other stuff other than reading books, so it's worth the extra price.

And, while the device in the ad looks like an iPad, this is really a jab at ALL tablets with backlit LCD screens.




• "iPad" never mentioned by name -- granted, it's very clear (pun intended) that the guy has an iPad
• "It's a Kindle"
• Definite message that a Kindle can be read in bright sunlight and while wearing sunglasses
• Affordable -- "...$139.00. I actually paid more for these sunglasses."

Seems to me Amazon has a good ad -- tells potential buyers the essentials without blurring the message with a list of features, points out that Kindle is great at doing what it's designed to do, doesn't directly diss a competitor but goes head to head at the point of similar usage (reading). I wish the iPad were at least half it's current price; I wish the screen were readable in bright light (I wish the same for my MacBook Pro; if I were buying one device, it would be an iPad because of all the other things I could do with it; I might even choose an iPad for reading because I could use the Kindle Reader, Stanza, iBooks, GoodReader, Barnes & Nobles' Reader, etc. all on the iPad. But, when it comes to sheer reading comfort, Kindle wins.



So it's okay for Apple to diss Microsoft, but not for Amazon to diss Apple?

Honestly, Amazon saw something new to make, then it becomes totally popular. So what does Apple do? They say,"We're better than you." And they make ibooks. Kindle's bookstore is way better, and you're saying the higher price is better? No, I think I'd rather pay less for more books.



I am a mac fan boy like the rest of you. That being said, Amazon is bang on right with their ad. When it comes to reading, the Kindle is in a league of its own well ahead of the iPad. I have an iPad and I love it. I also have a Kindle and I read on it. There is something to be said and to be proud of to do one thing and do it really well. Kindle is a winner when it comes to reading, especially anywhere outside or even near a window. The iPad is horrible in daylight and weighs too much to read comfortably unless you have somewhere to prop it up on.



Dear Kindle (and amazon),

Can it log into my servers at work and manage them? Nope
Can I enjoy watching a baseball game on the train on my way home from work? Nope
Can I listen to audio books? Nope
Can I play Angry Birds? Nope
Can I answer emails? Nope

Does over exposure to sunlight give you skin cancer? Yup

I look for shade and keep my iPad thank you.



Lame ad.



"You just know that there's trouble brewing for a product when their ads stop touting its features and start pointing out the perceived faults of a competitor's wares."

Apple must have been in trouble it's whole existence. Who writes this stuff?

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