Angry Birds: Halloween



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Angry birds might have something to do with the Halloween. *Celtic Pagans launched Halloween on its long background with their Samhain festival in ancient Ireland some millennial ago. The Pope got into the act ultimately, declaring All Saints Day as a ploy to deter Pagans from traditions he regarded as blasphemous. Here is the proof: The history of Halloween Pagans, the Pope and candy companies Trick or treat owes an excellent deal of its substance to the Pagans and the Pope, not to mention the advertising campaigns of United States sweets manufacturers.



It appears that not everyone is aware that Angry Birds was developed by Rovio Mobile, not Chillingo, which only published it. Rovio Mobile is self-publishing its own games these days, seemingly after some sort of falling-out with Chillingo; thus they couldn't introduce new levels for Angry Birds because that's still being published by Chillingo.

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