Apple Selling Refurbished iPads to Canadians on the Cheap



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Seamus Bellamy

It's important to remember that the when taking a jaunt down to the states, the cost of an item isn't the only cost of an item. Unless you're fortunate enough to live in a city near the border such as Windsor or Vancouver, the cost of the trip, be it by car, air or ferry, needs to be taken into consideration as well. While there's no cost associated with bringing an electronic device back across the border, the cost of fuel, your lunch, and even an overnight stay in some cases, adds to the total bottom line purchase price of a product. 

As for the Scots having invented television, you're right: A Scotsman--one Mr. John Logie Baird--gave the first public demonstration of atonal television technology in 1925. That's my mistake. However, no matter how much I'd love for Canada to be a part of Scotland for the sake of easy access to Irn-Bru Monkey Shoulder blended scotch and Run Rig albums, we are the last time I checked, still an independent nation.



Is Canada part of Scotland ???

Quote "Canada already has a lot going for it: It's the birthplace of William Shatner, and poutine. Not only that, but they also invented Insulin, standard time and television. "

Television was invented by a Scotsman, this means maclife think Canada is part of Scotland.

I've not noticed any cheap ipads here in Scotland.



Great news story. Thanks a bunch. :/



Given parity, its still cheaper to get it in the US as US pricing is still lower on re-furb models. Sorry Seamus, your article doesn't make sense.



I was a couple minutes too late



You can purchase an Apple refurbished 16, 32 or 64 GB Wi-Fi iPad for
$429, $499, or $599 in the US Store
Isnt America great!



And in the US apple store, refurb iPads are going for $429, $499, and $599 (special limited time pricing). Unless you made a mistake and these are for the 3G models, that's no deal.

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