Digitimes: iPad 2 To Use LCD



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I am definitely looking foreward to hopefully getting a Retina Display on that massive screen. So beautiful.



Definitely a camera. Btw, the plural of AMOLED is AMOLEDs.



What will come is retina, gyro, lighter and more durable casing and as allways - better performance and extended battery life.

What i hope for is apple to open up, using more api for hardware buttons and the ability for programs to interact with each other in a much better way than now. I dont think it will happend now - but i really do hope ;)


Mike James

Morphable case to fit in your shirt pocket when not in use, variable-diameter force field, to deflect undesirables, front-facing death ray, and 1000-hour battery.



I would like to see a liquid metal / carbon fibre type back with a single front facing camera, a retna display, stronger glass, more ram, better processor and more SSD space. I don't see apple adding mini USB or a second dock connector or back-facing camera. Hopefully it would be lighter too. I don't want or expect anything too unexpected but who knows? It's apple.

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