Family Reunited With Their iPad Thanks to MobileMe



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Even wifi only ipads have 'find my ipad' that can be activated during registration. It doesn't give an exact location, but a general one, is my understanding.

I may purposely leave my ipad at my moms and try it on my imac at home to see how well it works.

Angry Birds rocks on the ipad!

The 'liberating' employee deserves whatever punishment they received, whether they 'found' it or not.



I'm sorry, but newborn or not; that $800 iPad would've been strapped to that baby! I don't care if it had to be DUCT TAPED! I'd say that this is a well to-do family with enough money to just buy another iPad. (and how bout one for the baby too?!) However, I noticed that this gentleman has the same shirt that I bought from Target. The shirt was $10.

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