iBook Store Floundering Six Months After Launch



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thehive summed up my sentinments about ibooks exactly. I've searched for about a dozen titles that I'm interested in, and only 2 of them were available in iBooks, both of which were cheaper at amazon.

Fortunately for me, I've learned to hack my kindle ebooks to be readable in iBooks...



The iBooks app is fantastic and is considerably better than the Kindle app functionally, however, one of the reasons that I buy 90% of my books from the Kindle store vs. the iBooks store is either: availability of product OR price. The iBooks store simply does not have as deep a catalog of products to select from and in many cases, books that you can purchase from Amazon for ~$7-8 (KE) cost ~$10-13 from iBooks.

I would love to see the iBooks Store take off, but if APPL wants to compete, then they need to be far more aggressive in their pricing models and availability (i.e. deals with publishing companies. It also wouldn't hurt to bundle in magazine/newspaper subs into the iBooks store, similar to the Kindle Store, rather than focus on potential app-based subscriptions as the only method for potential magazine/newspaper subs, but that is an entirely different topic.

APPL needs to wise-up to the fact that unlike when they released iTunes & the iPod, iBooks has a much stronger and more centralized competitor in Amazon and will have to be more aggressive in winning the new market share.

In fairness, I have both an iPad and a new Kindle 3G and I prefer my iPad.

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