Is Light Peak Coming to iPad 2?



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psst. . .Did you hear about the next iPad? I heard abour it from my cousin who works at apple.
The next ipad will be called an iPhone++ because of the people making fun of the ipads name. It'll have an octocore processor, a built in air conditioning unit(hey, octocores run hot), a 24 inch full retina display(native resolution 7680x4800), a fold out keyboard with a cleaning cloth and a cup holder(where else do i put my drinks when i'm using its 24 inch screen?), and a new heftier weight, at 20lb.
How much will this iPhone++ cost? 499$(1000 year contract with AT&T required).



But wouldn't it have to house an intel processor too? Because I thought that to support Light Peak, it had to be an intel processor.


Dan Sherman

Am I stupid or just just not in touch. I would pay $1000 for the following: iPad double thick with a physical keyboard that folds out and twists from the back and phone service with a blue tooth head set. I could use this thing as an iPad or set it on the counter to use the real keyboard to type and use my finger on the screen with no trackpad. The extra thickness on the back where the keyboard wouldn't be would be for even more battery and a larger flash drive. I would take this thing everywhere. Maybe that will be the next MacBook, but I am willing to wait. iPhones are too small, MacBook Pro's to big, iPads great...just waiting for this product line to converge and my dollars will be there.

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