SlingPlayer for iPad Streams Your Productivity Away



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There's actually a very scam-like thing going on with this App -- take a look at the ratings in the AppStore and you will see that half of the users rate it 1 out of 5 due to incompatibility with anything but the two brand newest Slingboxes -- in fact, everyone else gets a "not compatible" message with a discount to upgrade to the newest Slingboxes (which are not necessarily as powerful as the older Slingbox Pro!)...that means that the upgrade message was already preprogrammed into the software, knowing that people would purchase this and THEN find out they can't use it without upgrading their hardware.

This was clearly released locked to only the newest two slingboxes even though the older version runs on the ipad and iPhone...

I am sure this is going to go further legally due to the huge number of very angry purchasers who shelled out 30.00 for something that doesn't work on the ipad when the older version does.

I would say, avoid this at all costs at this point.



What puzzles me is that Sling are happy enough for me to watch my PRO on a 32" TV Screen...and I am not complaining about the quality...but they won't let me do the same thing on the less than 10" iPad screen. Let ME be the one to decide if I want a better quality source...don't force an 'all or nothing' scenario on me!



'Just hook it up to either a Slingbox Pro or ProHD' WRONG! I have a Slingbox PRO and it's not compatible. You need either a SOLO or a PRO HD. My new SOLO is on it's way from Amazon. Damned nuisance that my PRO is now redundant, as well as the Slingbox Mobile I bought to use with the iPad when I first got it a couple of months ago! I was assured by a Slingbox Support agent that I would NOT have to buy the new iPad specific app when it was eventually released, as you can apply your app to 5 different devices. Needless to say, Slingbox now claim it was a 'misunderstanding' because the earlier app is 'compatible' with the iPad. Jeez....what a load of .......!



So now my real question becomes... will it ever be possible to use AirPlay to send what I am watching on my SlingPlayer on my iPad to TV???

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