Will iPads Replace Comic Books?



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The problem here is that comic books are meant to be trading with friend and collected so that they increase in value over time. A digital version will never be able to do either of those things. You also cannot take your iPad to a comic convention and have your favorite artist sign it, thus increasing the value even more.
Although, if it does replace printed comics then the value of printed comics will go up even more, so hey I'm all for it. I will never buy comics or even books to read on a digital device. A tangible book is much better.



The iPad does provide a nice interface to read your favourite digital comics however I don't believe it will replace the media all together. I'm a collector myself and amidst my busy work schedule I still enjoy walking down to a comic book store and pick up my favourite titles. I have tried both the MARVEL and DC iPad apps and they're both great!



The problem for me is that there needs to be a killer reading app, where your comics and books can be read and purchased together. Right now I use iBooks to read my CBZs I have converted to PDF. What is handy is that my comics are stored in my iTunes Library. The bummer is that I can't buy comics in iBooks. I find it tedious to switch between separate apps.

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