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Yesterday's keynote (you can see the whole thing, or just the iPhone introduction, here) set Ye Olde Internets afire. I rounded up a few of my favorite quotes (so far, at least) about the iPhone. Maybe if enough people throw in their two cents, we'll be able to scrape up $599 for the 8GB version by June, eh?


From Apple Matters: "Seeing the iPhone and comparing it to a current smart phone is like comparing the first amphibian that crawled from the primordial muck to Aphrodite."

From Microsoft's Robbie Bach (who, understandably, doesn't want to admit that the iPhone could wind up being great at everything), quoted by CNET: "You have to find out what it's great at. Is it great as a phone or is it great as music player? If it's great as a music player, then it's just another iPod trying to be a phone."

From Communities Dominate Brands' excellent piece handicapping the iPhone's chances: "Even if the first iteration of the iPhone were not perfect (and it may well be), trust Apple to push this envelope harder and further than we've ever seen by the Nokias and Symbians and Blackberries of the world so far."

From Business Week: "Asked by BusinessWeek in 2000 whether he'd stray into new areas, Jobs said it was possible—but not so far afield as the cell phone market. There were plenty of huge players that already had that industry wrapped up, he said at the time. Some of those players may soon wish Jobs had kept his promise."

From the hungry crew at iPod Observer: "A new mobile device is coming, and indications are that it will sell like chocolate hotcakes doused in delicious-sauce."

From Graceful Flavor: "A quick side note: if you're Microsoft, you're looking at the Zune and saying, 'G*DD*MN did we miss the boat' and throwing chairs with wild abandon. MS comes to the digital music player party just as everyone is leaving and moving to the next house, where cell phone + music player's parents are out of town."

From CNET's piece on the throngs lining up outside Moscone at 4:45 a.m. to get into the keynote: "There's a Mac subculture akin to Star Trek aficionados or Burning Man attendees. Its devotees can be testy, defensive and intensely devoted to their Apple products. And Jobs, they say, is their hero, despite a reputation for ruling his company with an iron fist and operating a very profitable business that, just like any other corporation, is mainly concerned with finding ways to extract more money from its customers."

From Wired's Leander Kahney on his experience inside the keynote: "In the press section, reporters actually gasped in awe a couple of times, or laughed at the delightful feats of technology Jobs was showing off. I've rarely seen this. Tech reporters have usually seen it all before. Not this time."

From CNN/Money's piece on how the iPhone was kept a secret: "Phil Schiller, Apple's head of marketing and one of the few Apple executives involved with the project from the start, said he had to keep the iPhone development secret even from his wife and children. When he left home for the official unveiling yesterday, Schiller said, his son asked, 'Dad, can you finally tell us now what you've been working on?'"

And from Gizmodo, on its hands-on iPhone demo: Gizmodo on its hands-on demo: "It's easy to say how it worked -- just the way it's supposed to, per the keynote. The experience is very OS X like."


Elsewhere at the Mac Expo, we saw the unveiling of ModBook, a MacBook-turned-tablet from OWC and Axiotron. We heard that Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, which should hit in the second half of this year, will sport some Mac-only features. And we found out more about the new product that didn't make the keynote, Apple's 802.11n version of the AirPort Extreme.


But, as exciting as it is, the Mac Expo isn't the only show going on. The Consumer Electronics Show out in Vegas may not have iPhone, but we're sure the 99-cent shrimp cocktails are practically as good. (Right?) Oh, and Intel introduced three new quad-core processors, including the Core 2 Quad. For more CES news, check out Engadget's excellent roundup.


And if you're attending the Mac Expo, make sure to drop by booth S2344 for a complementary copy of Mac|Life! See you on the floor.




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Due to Cisco's new lawsuit, it may not even be called iPhone anymore.



When I read the news about the iPhone, I was moved with joy and wanted to cry...

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