10 Great iPhone Camera Apps



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I prefer camera+ by tap tap it is a great apps for camera features of your iphone.
I found the application here alliphoneupdate.blogspot.com/2011/04/best-iphone-camera-apps.html

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Nice article.. thanks! I am into photography, so I try out camera apps a lot.
Two apps has caught my attention recently,

1. called CamKewl.
this is one of the best camera apps i’ve seen so far..very cool animations and well made!
i love the shaking part to switch between screens
and the accenting is very cool too. very good for artists like me! so worth the .99$ i paid for it.
Check it out, the video demo:

2. called Layar
If you are a traveller, then this is for you. It puts out information of whatever it sees.. and it is free. Definitely recommended. check it out!



I think you missed one other VERY good camera app...Hipstamatic.  It brings rough, old school looks to photos.  You can purchase different films, use different lenses and even different flashes.


Big Gully Apps

Our camera app is coming out pretty soon, as an indy developer I hope we can make it on one of these lists! We're proud of our first app, I see this feature requested all the time and I'm happy we were able to pull it off in a really cool way. Link is in my sig if you want to check it out.But I'm surprised - no Hipstamatic up here?StealthCam for iPhoneEver seen a Walmart creature but felt sketchy about taking a picture? Disguise your iPhone Camera!Coming very soon -

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