Android Still Winning Marketshare Over iOS



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Come on, simple rule of marketing; take a product; Android, get everyone and their dog to build a phone off of the OS, and sure there will be a lot of phones. And chances are, with such a wide range of phone running Android, there is bound to be someone that will fall in love. need to sort of look at like this. One company (Apple) or (RIM) make phones that are true successes. Companies building off of Android keep designing phone after phone, trying to get it right, trying to hit the mark; If they had only gotten it right the first time.

To be fair, iOS (Apple) is a single company, making one phone (RIM is very similar). Take only one of the other Android phone makers and compare them to Apple or RIM, no one will do the comparison, due to the obvious.

Such ridiculous comparisons. Pure Brilliance.



Maybe Android is on more phones and carriers, but the comparison is flawed: people use phones, not operating systems. Take any single Android phone, and while maybe one or more of it's features may compare favorably with the iPhone 4, not ONE Android phone can whip the iPhone based on totality of features, functionality, or apps/content availability - this has been shown by countless one-on-one matchups. The Android market is fractured into dozens of models running, what is it now, 3 incompatible versions of Android? For all it's carriers and models, Android has but a tiny fraction of the market's profits, while iOS still has more than anybody else at 50%. As soon as iPhone is available on other carriers, Android's marketshare advantage will quickly narrow.

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