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Palm should have terminated the ads and started over.
The fact that they had the brains to fire the SVP of marketing is great, but go all the way and trash the ads too.
Palm needs a consistent message that's good. They also need to control the message (scrap the shitty Sprint commercials too)
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Rumors then have spread since Apple's iphone was first introduced that Verizon might get is own version of the popular device and now? No wonder why Verizon did it. I fascinated iPhone and its glad to read in your post now that theyre getting to produce iPhones. This will force or motivate some to get installment loans just to get the newest model.If you wana learn more information about on how you can get money to purchase iPhone.



First, the iPhone 3.0 software came out, and all that paste made my buttons stick. LidaThen the iPhone 3GS was released, and I spent a while hiding in the bathroom feeling inadequate about my lack of built-in compass. And AT&T doesn't exactly make it easy for me to get a signal, and you know how useless phones can be without a DECENT SIGNAL FROM A NETWORK THAT WORKS. Ahem. Sorry about that. Anyway, I'm back now, so let's talk.



Still, floating in the reflecting pool of fine whine, Lida I found bobbing a few nuggets of wisdom: If you're truly fed up, call AT&T and complain. 


mobile karen

I hadn't realised one fifth of Californians own an iPhone! I knew they were increasing in popularity but not as much as that, wow they are growing. Karen - Mobile Phones

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