Awesome Note Appears To Be Awesome



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MacLife needs to do a hands-on, because it would definitely confirm their thoughts on AwesomeNote. I've been using this app since its release and it is indeed, awesome. It was great even before updates and has just gotten better over time. I haven't even utilized all of its functions to the fullest capability and yet I feel that I've gotten a ton of use out of it. Really, take a good look at this. You'll be blown away.



Everything you say about this app might be right. However, how do you know. You just posted a review an app you've never even used. Are you guys that starved for content?


CT Shop

The UI is gorgeous.

Now if they add location co-ordinates to it, it will become incredible. With the co-cordinates, I can add house hunting notes, travel destination, restaurants to checkout nearby.

They are currently working an ipad version. They should add a desktop app too and dropbox sync!


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