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BeeJive keeps you logged in to your IM accounts, even when you close the application.
So, if you take a phone call, or do something else, you receive an email with the message, and with a link to relaunch the application.

There is an application setting on your iphone to determine how long you stay logged in.
You can set this up to 24 hours.

Also, the application has landscape text input, and uses translucent balloons to show your input, leaving plenty of room to see the existing message thread, while composing your new message.

You pay extra, because your account includes hosting on their servers, to keep you logged in.

This will work great, and can be eliminated, once the iphone offers its own notification service.

This is a great app, and I've been using it for several weeks. Much better than any other IM application on any platform, other than maybe the sidekick.

And will be the best anywhere, once the notification service is available.



How is this better than Palringo? I ask because Palringo is a whole lot more FREE.

Now I'm willing to pay for a really great IM app, but I need to know what makes it better than the free alternative.



Is it actually possible on any iPhone currently with any IM app to run in the background or push notifications?Since Apple hasn't put that ability onto their OS yet, right? 

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