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I have a problem with this application. If I add more than three, stocks sooner or later, data downloading only works for two or three of them. The remains with a value of 0 and an update time of "31/12". Deleting all stocks, adding all again and reinstalling the application not work. Any ideas?



Just for the record.I finally found what was the problem. Some "creative" people in Mexico's Stock Market had the great idea of use some special symbols (characters) on stock symbols. For example, an "&" in Peñoles code (pe&oles), or a "+" for the whole series of Horizontes funds. This characters are special characters (metacharacters) in the URL specification. Many applications and services (for example, Yahoo! financial section) are unable to handle these stock symbols rising an error. Removing the offending stock symbol the download process works like a charm.


joe in miami

I don't work for Bloomberg, but as a professional investment advisor, I am thrilled by this app. I can't believe how robust and comprehensive it is for a cell phone application. Bloomberg has really set a high bar for wireless apps on their first attempt. I wish all the iPhone apps were this good.

One of my favorite features is Industry Movers, where you can drill down to Sectors, Industry Groups and Individual stocks very rapidly. Wow.

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