iBooks App Disabling Content on Jailbroken iOS devices



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This could put them back in court. It's no longer 'jailbreaking" according to the supreme court. If you bought something through Apple and they deliberately take it's use away from you they are stealing, aren't they? There are many legitimate reasons for unlocking your iOS device. Tethering and hotspot use without paying twice. Besides there are plenty other places to buy non-drm ebooks. And they will be read on an iPhone. I have dozens of them and you don't need to unlock it to import them. Just import them into itunes and sync. In many cases you can purchase them straight from the author's website, giving them full credit for their work. I won't even get into bit-torrent.
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Hmm, well I havent




Imagine that. Jailbreaking your iPhone and putting a bunch of crap on there will screw it up. Go figure.

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