iOS 4.2 is LIVE - Go Get It



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Well... it looks like I've run into an issue with iOS4.2/iPhone 3GS. I can't turn Bluetooth off! It was working before the upgrade and now the slider will not go to the "Off" position. It will also not connect to Bluetooth in the car...

Anyone else have this issue?

UPDATE: It turns out to be "user error":-( Something has changed the way the slider on/off works in iOS4.2. You now have to move the "grey" portion of the slider to turn bluetooth off. I tried this on my wife's iPhone which has 4.1 and it worked the way I expected it to (a simple swipe across turns it on/off) - on 4.2 it takes a few tries even after knowing the new way... hope this post saves someone else the headache.



does any how the 3G performs with 4.2. Don't want to waste time downloading is it sucks like 4.0 did.



They fixed the clock...Yaaay!!!



Downloading as we speak :D


jcps Nu-uh!

Edit: I hit it again and it said I had an update, so I clicked "Download and install", but It didnt, and now it's back to 4.1 is current blah blah.

Edit 2: Now I'm getting Frustrating

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