iPhone 6 Features and Rumors: What We Know So Far



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this wireless charging idea is great and it will bring us closer to the dream of the IDesk and charging and syncing your iPhone by placing it on the desk....



Please prorate my ignorance, but I always thought NFC was an acronym for the National Football Conference of the National Football League in the sport of American Football.

Can someone please explain exactly what "near field communication" is, and how it will affect me as a user?


Nuevo Mexico



NFC or Near Field Communications is important in today's electronic world as it allows you to do things like turn your television set and cable box on and off...and check out at cash registers in stores by just swiping your phone against the machine and putting in your ID...

FOr some people, myself included, once you experience a phone with NFC, you question why Apple has resisted putting this in their phones -- I probably use NFC in my phone 10-20 times a day...

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