IPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Issue Far From Fixed



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I have 2 new Iphone4 phones, and both has this issue really bad. One was replaced by Apple 2 weeks ago, and it dropped a call on the way home from the store from this same issue. I have a appointment AGAIN tomorrow, to have both phones swapped out for new ones. This is very irritating, and I have to drive 40 miles to the nearest Apple store to get this done. I'm beginning to not think so highly of Apple.



I still have proximity sensor problems. I just purchased an Otterbox which may have helped just a little but not 100% like some have reported.
Hoping 4.1 will fix. Haven't had any issues with grip of death.. Proximity sensor is very annoying. Can see screen cut on and off if not pressed well against the side of my face. Occasionally hit mute or other. I have an iPhone fresh off the presses.



I've had MAJOR problems with my proximity sensor for my iPhone4's entire life (week after launch). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this phone, it kills my previous 3G, however the sensor is a MAJOR flaw and if it isn't fixed in the next couple weeks I'm going to have to take it in for a new phone.



The proximity sensor has been repaired in iOS 4.1 beta. I can confirm this, and as a guy with a bald head and a very frustrating first go round with the sensor on 4.0, it is a welcome fix!!!

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