iPhone Firmware 2.0 Launched



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I'm deeply and sorely tempted, but I'm planning to buy a real iPhone tomorrow, and then eBay this imposter, this mere 2.5G iPhone that's on my desk, as soon as I have the real thing tomorrow. 


So here's my issue: I'm thinking that selling my old phone with the original firmware is the best path to take, since that way it's still immediately unlockable by anyone who want to do so, using existing and readily available tools. If I update today, for my own delight and entertainment, then whoever buys this thing will have to wait until a new unlock programme comes out.


Until I know for sure that I can restore my old iPhone to its current 1.1.4 firmware for reselling purposes, I'm not doing a thing with it. Does anyone happen to know any way of restoring it? 

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