iPhone Update 2.0.2 First Impressions



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But then, I hadn't experienced most of the problems I've heard of in the first place. I haven't kept 3G on very much, due to the battery life, and I don't call (or get called) all that much, so if calls are dropping I haven't experienced it yet.

I blindly loaded the update (Apple sent me a 'free' text message to tell me it had been avaialble all week) and it took about 15-20 minutes to complete; that seemed pretty long, but the installer made a complete backup during the process, so that was a big part of it, I guess. After having the phone (3G) since release day (yeah, I waited in line, but in Boise ID I showed up at 05:30 and had my phone by 09:00, and was 31st in line to boot...), I am still in the honeymoon phase. It can do no wrong (knock wood) so far. Still noticed a few dropouts when streaming audio on AOLRadio and Tuner apps on Edge (again, not using 3G much to preserve battery) riding my bike around town. But, in general, either it picks up the signal again in a matter of seconds, or I stop at the corner and hit the 'play' button again.

So far no negative effects noticed since the update.



This is major.
When looking through the settings, I noticed that it now says 2.0.2 rather than 2,0,1.
Can't say I noticed anything else.
What a waste of my valuable bandwidth.
If they bothered to tell us whats changed, perhaps us mugs that now have to pay for mobile phones would feel a little better about it all ?


Roberto Baldwin

After I posted this article and drove home, I noticed I couldn't get Bluetooth to work until I restarted the iPhone. After a restart, it seems to be working.

Fingers crossed for the commute home today.



3G. My iPhone (which I otherwise love) can't stay connected to 3G. After the update, it still can't connect to a 3G signal, and stay connected.



the iphone update does not do much



Upon installation my contact list is now populated with double entries.


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