iPhone "Wrecks" Cell Phone Industry



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It seems to me that AT&T just cant accommodate the Iphone in anyways. It also seems like the best Iphones are the jailbreak ones....I dont get it!



The iPhone runs on the Verizon network. At this point, I'm more loyal to my provider than my phone.



I have an iPhone but thankfully it doesn't run on AT&T's bloated plans.


Im not Herbert

I refuse to buy an iPhone because AT&T makes you get a $30 a month data package with it. PLUS another $5 a month to send text messages.

Of course, I didn't know all this until I got a Blackberry for my wife a while back, specifically so she could do text messaging with her kids. Imagine my surprise when it wouldn't work, and I was told I had to pay extra for it- while my old plain Jane Samsung phone can do unlimited texting at no extra cost, and multimedia as well.

I will not buy an iPhone until Apple dumps AT&T- and then I will dump AT&T as well. This Moffett guy is a clown.



AT$T will not honor their contract and provide UNLIMITED SERVICE because if the iPhone users took them up on it, their miserable network would just DIE

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