Lining Up at the San Francisco Apple Store



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this is just a suggestion . . . Apple should have released 2.0 simultaneously with the APP STORE launch. All they've done is gotten the whole "iphone/ itouch" world overloading servers in anticipation and have in turn won themselves less than favorable reviews of the Apple user experience. If you can put all those apps up for purchase, why not the update. ridiculous!



IS GETTING CRUSHED... and is inactive. Any attempt to even LAUNCH iTunes returns an error message. Guess I'll have to wait even longer before "...wallowing in 3G Nirvanna". Oh, by the way... since this happened HALFWAY THROUGH THE UPDATE, I now have a wonderfully BRICKED iPhone(less).

C'mon, guys... weren't you EXPECTING massive requests right around now? I'd have thought they'd make provisions for this. Guess they've taken a page from the Microsoft plan-book.



when i click update for my iPod touch it comes back as an error message. :(

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