Patience is Key When Upgrading to iPhone 2.0 Software



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How can I put my iPhone on a different computer without losing all my apps and songs? I had my iPhone on our family computer, but for Christmas we got a brand new family computer and I got a laptop. My iTunes account is still on the old computer and the credit card it was charging to is now shutdown and I really want to be able to buy more songs off the computer. Please help!



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Finally! After 2 hours and 17 minutes, the upgrade to iPhone 2.0 Software on my "old" iPhone finally completed. I used a method that was mentioned in the Apple Forum discussions. After receiving the error message that there was a connection problem with the iTunes store, I clicked the OK button. I then went to DEVICES in the left-hand column and clicked the down-arrow next to DEVICES. This hid my iPhone. I then re-clicked the arrow, converting it to a down-arrow, and my iPhone reappeared. I double-clicked my iPhone name, and another connection attempt to iTunes Store was made. When I received the error message again, I repeated the process stated above. After too many attempts to count, connection was finally gained and the installation process began. When completed, the installer again attempted to connect to iTunes Store, and ... as before ... more error messages/ connection problems. Continuing with the above process repeatedly, connection was again gained, and the upgrade process finally completed. Eureka! iPhone 2.0 Software installed on my iPhone! Patience ... and plenty of free time ... is all that's needed!



I'm glad I manually downloaded my update a day early.

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