Take a Survey, Win an iPhone. Yeah, it's That Simple



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I tried to take your survey but was told I didn't qualify. Is that because I'm in the 55-64 age range or because I don't use a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air? (For the record, I have a Powerbook G4, an 24" iMac, and about 7 other Macs lurking about.) Your "official rules" say nothing about having to be a MacBook user. And I can't even go back and see what may have gone awry. Sorry, tweens, your "survey" gets a zero on the customer-friendliness scale.


Roberto Baldwin

As long as you entered your email address in at the beginning of the survey you're entered. I apologize for the confusion about being "unqualified" for the remainder of the survey. Just because you don't qualify to finish the survey, doesn't mean you're not entered into the contest.


Susie Ochs

I've asked. The lawyers said no. Something about laws governing sweepstakes being different, and we don't have the resources to make sure we're in compliance, and a bunch of lawyery talk like that. I feel for you, though.


Imagine Engine

Excluding other countries such as Canada from your contests lowers your readership. Why is it I can purchase other magazines that are published in the USA or even as far as the UK and still be able to enter the contests but with MacLife Canadians are excluded?

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