Transform Your iPod touch Into A Makeshift Kindle



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Maybe Fictionwise is big in Springfield, Missouri, but I've never heard of it. I'll check it out.



How can you bemoan the fact that "most commercial e-book stores are useless to the iPhone, including Amazon’s Kindle Store"? What planet do you live on? The Kindle store is not the be-all and end-all of e-books, you know.

Are you not aware of Fictionwise's eReader application? You know, Fictionwise, pretty much the biggest name in e-book sales who isn't Amazon? The people who've been in business for about ten years, and bought their only major competitor, eReader (nee Palm Digital Media, nee Peanut Press)? (Also, Stanza just added support for eReader files to its own client, but that happened today, well after this article was written, so we can leave that aside.)

And how can you leave out the other e-book applications, such as Bookshelf? Granted, Bookshelf costs $10, but it's a lot better reader for the (unencrypted) Mobipocket format than Stanza, which strips out all formatting including italics and boldface from converted Mobi or HTML files.

Come on, guys, do a little research, huh? Here would be a good place to start.



When someone types the AirSharing url http://iphone...etc.local:8080/ in any browser (be it desktop or another iPhone), they get a really cool browsing experience! They can browse files, read and/or download them right from your phone.

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