iPhone 1.1.2 in the Wild, Breaks Jailbreak

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iPhone 1.1.2 in the Wild, Breaks Jailbreak

Apple has released the latest update to the iPhone's firmware. As expected, the update, once again, disables third party applications. Hackers are expected to stock up on caffeinated drinks as they dive head-first into the latest iPhone challenge.


The update adds international keyboards and according to some reports, a speedier iPhone.


You can download the update here.



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Many sites offer a download link to this update. Why hasn't it been available on iTunes. Each time I connect my iPhone and click Check for Update, it says, Your version 1.1.1 is the current version. What gives?



I tried Jailbreak, which worked great. The problem was that the available third party programs pretty much suck. They're generally much less capable (for what I need to do) than what's available via the web or the "webapps," like Google Docs etc.

I resent Apple's locking of the iPhone, and I'm glad they've bowed to pressure to allow third parties in next year. The webapps don't come anywhere close to making use of the machine's tremendous capacity. But I don't think what's out there at this point (among the third party applications) is worth the effort.

So as soon as I'm sure 1.1.2 won't brick my iPhone, I'll install it and let go of Installer. At least for now.



We're already on it. ;)


Mark T. (West Hartford, CT)

I don't have an iPhone. I have a Treo, and one reason is the availability of third party software,.

Doing this over and over shows that this is Apple's intention and that they don't care what users think. The only thing you can do is "respond with your wallet (or lack thereof)." And I say this as an 18-year Macaholic.



That's right... make a stand against the repressive Apple. How do we live in such an unjust world? No 3rd party apps? The horror! Whatever.



Umm, except that Apple is releasing an SDK for the iPhone and the iPod Touch so... so much for Apple not letting 3rd party apps aboard.

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