iPhone 1.1.3 Hacked, Pretty in Pink, and Air Pics

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iPhone 1.1.3 Hacked, Pretty in Pink, and Air Pics


1.1.3 Jailbroken: The iPhone dev team and dev team elite, got together and jailbroke the latest iPhone firmware. Before you hop over to their sites, the teams don't plan on releasing the hack until after the SDK is released. Just in case Apple tries to close the exploit. For proof the teams released the video below.




Pink is the new black: If you've been looking for the iPod to match your Hello Kitty collection, look no more. Apple released the pink iPod nano. The pink iPod is only available with 8GB.


New Apple patents: The patent office published a whole slew of Apple patents including a lanyard for the shuffle and tiny Apple remote.


Air unboxed: Japanese Blogger, Akiko Wada, scored the first MacBook Air unboxing photos. Apple also allowed her to compare the size of the Air to a Sony VAIO. The VAIO looks downright obese compared to the MacBook Air.


Q1 financial call: Apple will hold its financial conference call today at 2PM PST. Analysts expect better-than-anticipated fiscal results.


Pole Position on iPod: 80's game aficionados will rejoice to learn that Pole Position, is now available for download from the iTunes store. The bad news is that the game does not come with the greatest sync-rock saturday morning theme song ever. Oh, they released some block breaking game as well.



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Steve Jobs

Here at Apple, we prefer Strawberry Shortcake. We shun Japanese technology and anime, even if it involves cute kittens.



Pole Position theme song: best link in a month!!!

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