iPhone 2.0 Case Specs, iPhone is Flickr-rific and How About Three New iPhones

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iPhone 2.0 Case Specs, iPhone is Flickr-rific and How About Three New iPhones


If you build it: iLounge got their hands on what could be the physical specs of the next iPhone. This information is allegedly meant for iPhone case vendors. The image shows the size and shape of possibly two iPhone models, or it's just another bit of disinformation to throw us off track.


O2 builds up 3G: UK Telco, O2, is ramping up 3G to cover 80% of the UK. Either the company is preparing for the next iPhone, or they're just updating their network for the plethora of devices they sell. Yeah, it's totally because of the iPhone.


Three is the magic number: Forget getting just one iPhone in June, according to reports, you'll have to decide from three new iPhone models. One of those three won't have 3G though, so you only really have two to choose from. If one of those two has a 2.8-inch screen, then you really only have one to choose from. The best part, FM radio tuner. Because Apple can't wait to put FM tuners in its devices.


Apple TV takes your monies: You no longer have to leave the couch to purchase the latest Nick Cave album from iTunes. Apple TV is now happy to take your money for video and music purchases. Previously, you could only rent videos from Apple TV. Using change from behind the couch cushions feature hasn't be implemented yet.


iPhone users love Flickr: According to Flickr, the iPhone is now the #1 source of mobile device uploads to it's photo sharing site. Before you run over and rub this information in your Motorola RAZR using co-workers face, Flickr notes that camera phones are under-represented because the data is only accurate to the extent that it can detect the camera used to take the photo.




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Your "inforamtion" is flawed!


Roberto Baldwin

BTW, best typo call out ever


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