iPhone 3G Zone: What We Know After WWDC Day 4

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iPhone 3G Zone: What We Know After WWDC Day 4



Twice the Power, Not Exactly Half the Price: People are starting to figure out that the lower-priced iPhone 3G will actually cost slightly more over the course of the required two-year AT&T contract, because while you're saving $200 on an 8GB iPhone, the data plan will cost $10 more per month, or $240 more over the life of the contract.


Buh-Bye Black Market: AT&T has said that all iPhone 3G units must be activated in stores, which should put a huge dent in the "gray market" for new phones. (Which refers to the iPhones that were bought but never activated on AT&T's network, instead being unlocked and used on other carriers' networks or overseas.) Reuters is also reporting that there will be some type of penalty for not activating a purchased iPhone within 30 days. If you activate an iPhone 3G and then decide to cancel your plan within 30 days, you'll also be required to turn in your iPhone (for a refund). Canceling your plan after 30 days will hit you with the $200 early termination fee, which pays AT&T back for the reduced iPhone 3G sale price. Three iPhones per customer.


It'll Cost AT&T Too: But only at first. AT&T told investors and analysts to expect a 10- to 12-cent reduction in earnings per share in 2008 and 2009. But over 50 percent of iPhone owners were new AT&T subscribers, so if it nets them thousands, or even millions, of new customers in the long run it's still a smart move.


iPhone on Campus? "People familiar with the matter" tell AppleInsider that Apple is looking into selling iPhones in university stores and online education resellers. Since Mac notebooks are already pretty popular among the college kids, that seems like a no-brainer.


Software Scuttle: TomTom has said it's not actually working on iPhone software after all, as was reported earlier this week. Turns out the iPhone SDK agreement prohibits apps for real-time navigation, among other scarier-sounding things. Perhaps Apple's working on its own solution, maybe iLeft or iLost or iGetThere-when-iGetThere. AppleInsider has more about the App Store, which might cap apps at 2GB.


And finally: iPhone's gaming potential causing some to speculate on whether it's time for Apple to create a mobile games division, or just buy an existing developer. Poor Google CEO Eric Schmidt gets kicked out of Apple board meetings when they need to discuss secret iPhone stuff. And everyone point and laugh at the UK's big ugly iPhone AC adapter. (Hee.)




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