iPhone App Store Images, Kevin Rose Drops 3G iPhone Info and Mac mini Updates Coming

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iPhone App Store Images, Kevin Rose Drops 3G iPhone Info and Mac mini Updates Coming


App Store images?: Unconfirmed images of the iPhone App Store have surfaced. Allegedly, the images are the product of monsterandfriends.com's Drunkenbass, pressing buttons in a fit of boredom.


Mac mini ready for update: Appleinsider reports that the previously ignored Mac mini, will be getting the tiny attention it deserves. Reportedly, the updated mini will be equipped with the 45-nanometer Core 2 Duo mobile processor and will share the same GMA X3100 integrated graphics processor, as the 13-inch MacBook.


Google releases API for iPhone SDK: Google's release of their API will allow developers to take advantage of the iPhone's integration of YouTube and give users access to their Google accounts, including Picasa, Blogger and the Google Apps suite.


Racing the iPhone: A teaser video of a "Mario Kart"-like game, has fans of cartoon video game racing excited. Still, we would like the steering wheel at the bottom of the screen replaced with motion controls.


Going to the Apple Store, and going to get married: A woman called an Apple Store and requested that her reception be held there. The reason? She met her fiancé at an Apple Store.


Apple II web surfing: You think you're a hard core Apple fan? Try surfing the internet on an Apple II.


Kevin Rose knows too much: Fans of Diggnation may remember Kevin Rose sharing information about the original iPhone. Well, the beer drinking, couch sitting Rose is at it again. Kevin shares the latest rumor he's heard, video chat on the next generation iPhone.


And finally: All the Southpark episodes are available online for free. Sweet!



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Do you guys do anything for your news other than check AppleInsider and TUAW, then report their info one day later? I like MacLife, really, I read those two sites, and then you most days and I can't help but notice a pattern.

It's like reading Fark, and then the "funny story" sections of the main networks. It's obvious that their "reporters" just troll Fark and ObscureStore, then lift the topics.

How about something original?



I don't have the time to check other sites. And if all this site does is boil down those other sites, thats fine. It works for me. Thanx MacLife.



Can you suck Maclife's c*c* any harder?


Kev LaSur

so you take time out from jerking off in your room in your parents basement to hate on mac|life? What a sad life you lead. If you hate it so much, leave. I'm tired of dumb@sees who come here and post garbage. Go hate somewhere else. Mac|life will be better w/o you kids.

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