iPhone Blitz Hits Germany, U.K., Lawsuit Watch, Michael Eisner v. Steve Jobs & More. Much, Much More

iPhone Blitz Hits Germany, U.K., Lawsuit Watch, Michael Eisner v. Steve Jobs & More. Much, Much More


iPhone Marches East: As it went in America so it now goes in Germany: Germans lining up on sidewalks 350-people long and four hours deep to get their hands on what Time magazine’s declared “The Invention of the Year.” Soon to be followed by the U.K. Can nothing be done to stop this global marauding non-menace? Well, in regards to slowing the Apple rush, some seem to be trying to slow it down.


iPod, iMonopoly: A class-action suit? Yup. Frederick Black (no relation to Frank) of Florida filed on behalf of anyone in his fair state whom has suffered the ignominy of having music and media transfer restrictions strangulatin’ him in his use of the iPod and iTunes. Black’s asking for way more than $15,000…yup, a court order not only forcing Apple to pay out more than triple that amount, but also picking up attorney’s bills, costs, any and all other damages, and stuff related to Mr. Black’s desire to drive a luxury automobile. All the time. Perhaps he was just heeding Michael Eisner's call.


When Eisners Attack: Eisner to America’s striking writers: it’s STEVE!!! IT’S STEVE’S FAULT!!! Eisner’s contention is that Jobs and Apple are mugging major studios with iTunes and not spreading the wealth from said mugging. Robbie thinks he's high. Well, we don't know about that but might we suggest...another LAWSUIT?


Another lawsuit: Burst.com’s won a partial victory in their effort to move ahead with a suit based on Apple’s alleged iPod patent infringement. The patents, for receiving, transmitting and storing video and audio files, convinced a judge in a $60 mil case against Microsoft. In the case against Apple, however, it now moves to the appeal, trial or out-of-court settlement phase.


But has no one yet sued for this: the still-freezing iMacs?


And finally this: It is official, despite all the iTunes hubbub, bub: music is worthless.



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starving musician

I agree that music should not be considered *worthless*. It is frustrating as a musician when I see people downloading thousands of songs without paying a cent, but even more frustrating when I see a recording industry that is so greedy and pompous that it can't even consider changing its (corrupt) business model. Face it - the recording industry as it is has been victimizing musicians and artists since at least the 50s, if not longer. The sooner this "vampire business model" is abolished, the better. But music is *not* free. Buy your music from the artists, people. Visit their website, order through CD Baby or independent music websites, but don't steal it. Give the musicians their food. Starve the record companies.



only if you guys know what your doing, you wouldnt be having these problems. dumb asses.


help please

Hey "ray" :

I hope you're not talking about me because I didn't do anything at ALL to cause a problem...it just happened out of the blue.

My computer was fine, all apps and utilities work fine and have been great.

Then I can't "software update" and the installer won't open/work at all.

I haven't added or deleted anything in the days previous to that and so it wasn't my doing.

So don't name call me unless you know the situation.



Though I'm not surprised, I am still amazed by everyone's lack of respect for musical artists! Granted, Radiohead kinda set themselves up for this one - even then, only because of everyone's current attitude towards sharing music - but creating music isn't free!!! Why does everyone think that?! Come on people! Stop playing stupid and wake up. These people who create music for us, have to eat. Stop hiding behind fair use (AND fair sharing) and start taking responsibility for your actions. Music isn't worthless, but people who steal it are making it that way. Give these artists a chance, and stop stealing music!


help please

HELP ....can anyone help me please ? ... my "launcher" will not work, and neither will "software update", if you try and use them they just will not open at all...they don't do anything at all

And there are new updates waiting and also the update to Tiger is coming soon

All the other apps and utilities work fine and no problems experienced

I ran Main Menu application and it didn't solve anything, I have reset Safari, have restarted the I book, have emptied the cache, nothing is working and I cannot find the answer in the Apple discussions support area

On an I Book 1.07 G4 256MB

Thanks in advance for any support or ideas....


Roberto Baldwin

Try opening up disk utility in the utilities folder and repair your disk permissions.



The record industry seems to have forgotten this age-old rule of thumb. The whole stealing part is irrelevant for me. The real issue is the rise of a new way for distributing content that record labels and movie studios have decided to suppress instead of support. It boils down to this:

I can either:

Travel to a store
Spend time browsing for what I want
Purchase it, or more likely hear "we don't have that, but we can order it"
Decide whether to try another store, repeat, ect.
End up spending a significant amount of time


Do an online search
Find exactly what I want and acquire it almost instantly
End up spending an insignificant amount of time

The latter option is immensely more attractive to a busy person. If a record company is willing to provide that option without shafting me with ridiculous restrictions such as DRM that have never been applied to records, tapes, cds or DVD until now then I am more than willing to pay for the content. If the companies show an unwillingness to enable such a hugely simplified means of acquiring content even though it is clearly within their means then I will get it from someone who will.

Regardless of whether or not that someone is providing it for free.

It's a golden rule of capitalism. If you don't give the people what they want, they will get it from someone who will.

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