iPhone Chatter Continues: Click-Wheel iPhones, iPhone Widgets, and More

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iPhone Chatter Continues: Click-Wheel iPhones, iPhone Widgets, and More

Get on the party line for some iPhone chit-chat: As reported yesterday, JP Morgan analyst Kevin Chen (though some news reports list his last name as Chang) told Forbes.com that he's confident that Apple is indeed planning to roll out a less-expensive, clickwheel-bearing version of the iPhone later this year. With projected sales of 50 million units, the iPhone nano would likely sell for $300 or less. Though it does get a bit overwhelming, we can't blame analysts, pundits, and the rest (hey, we're not excluding ourselves) for speculating on what's to come for iPhone 2.0, 3.0, and beyond.


Yesterday we also told you about the all-hands company meeting called by Steve Jobs, but one tidbit from the Ars Technica report caught our eye on second reading: "All full-time Apple employees in the US and part-time employees who have been there for a year will be getting an iPhone at the end of July." By that time those of us who already own iPhones will be way faster at using the iPhone's keyboard than the suckers who are getting one for free ... we know because we tested our iPhone typing speed.


Hackers have cracked the iPhone's OS X-based file system. If you'd rather not hack your iPhone and instead just keep track of the latest "widgets" (actually, browser-based apps), check out the iPhone Widget List. Although this iPhone article's headline tells you absolutely nothing about the contents of the article - which details how Jon Lech Johansen hacked the iPhone to make it run sans an AT&T contract - it made us chuckle nonetheless. Yes, we're spiteful, but we also felt a surge of glee over this report that iPhone has Microsoft on the defensive. High wireless prices - not the high price of the iPhone - may be what's blocking the iPhone's entry into the Canadian market. We second Daring Fireball's nomination of one MSNBC reporter for jackass of the week after he made wild claims that the iPhone's battery will die after 300 to 400 charges. And RIM's CEO, Jim Baisilie, says he thinks the iPhone is bad for the cell-phone industry. (Care for some more grapes, Jim? Just be careful: They're a little sour.)


In other Apple news: In case you haven't noticed, Apple has finally opened the product-release floodgates. Perhaps that's part of the reason the company is hogging more than it's usual share of NAND memory. Macs may not be cheaper than Windows PCs, but for some businesses they're "smarter money." If you're wondering what to do with your old PowerBook (or two) when it's time to replace it with a new MacBook Pro, check out the latest in women's fashion accessories.


In other tech news: A critical Firefox security flaw has been discovered. The new version of FileMaker is out. Starting today, Series2 and 3 TiVo owners can order movies from Amazon Unbox directly from their TiVo boxes (rather than ordering via Amazon's website). Oh yeah, and a smaller, gentler E3 starts tonight.




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