iPhone Class Action Lawsuit, AppleTV External Storage, and More

iPhone Class Action Lawsuit, AppleTV External Storage, and More

iPhone class action lawsuit: Jose Trujillo filed a class action suit against Apple and AT&T. Trujillo claims that Apple purposely misled consumers about the iPhone's fixed battery and the iPhone battery replacement policy. The Apple 2.0 blog has a good timeline of events regarding the iPhone battery, and Trujillo may have a case. But if the legal papers are any sign, Trujillo will have a difficult time with this case - the papers are filled with so many factual and grammatical errors that it makes you question the competency of Trujillo's lawyers.


Hidden iPhone apps: Some folks who like to spend their time perusing firmware code think they've found some hidden iPhone apps. The apps are in the iPhone firmware, but aren't active. The inactive apps include a phonebook, a translation tool, a world clock, a unit converter, and something called a "radio." Could that be AM/FM radio, or Internet radio? Or something totally different?


More iPhone stories: The #iphone-dev Team says it has created the first iPhone-native third-party application. Most people in the San Francisco Bay Area love the iPhone. The sure sign that someone is an optimist: He's using an iPhone. More iPhone hacker tools with GUIs are popping up. Word from down under is that the iPhone has been hacked to work on Australia's Telstra mobile network. And across the pond, people are starting to think that Computer Warehouse will sell the iPhone in the UK.


AppleTV USB hacked: AppleTV owners how want more storage without having to pry open their precious AppleTV can now use a hack to attach a USB storage device. For the hack to work, your AppleTV must have version 1.0 of the AppleTV software.


Woz to sell used cars: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has invested in Hotswap.com, a Web site for selling used cars. You can post videos of the car you are selling and purchase cars online. No word on whether or not Woz will use the site to sell his own Segway when it's time to upgrade.




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The lawsuit was filed against Apple Computer, Inc (and AT&T too, but stay with me for a moment). Considering that the announcement of the iPhone was prior to Apple's name change, the cynical bunch among us would conclude that the paperwork for this was drawn up before the iPhone was for sale. So Mr. Trujillo needs to take a Tranquillo and enjoy his new phone.



This hack would be great but for the fact that it is only for (A) INTEL MAC !, (B) not 10.3.9 os and (C) UPGRADE THAT IS ALREADY @ 1.1 so if any of you can make a suggestion that i don't have to upgrade to a new computor with new OS THAN I WILL GO GREAT MATE.


J Swaim

I didn't even buy an iPhone and I knew that the battery wasn't user end replaceable. How could you drop $600 on a phone and at least $70 per month on a plan and not look up battery information before you buy? Should Apple have made the battery user-replaceable? Yes. Should these people win their class action suit? No.

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